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Thanksgiving is Awful for Your Plumbing

From the perfectly roasted turkey and Grandma’s famously lumpy mashed potatoes to the post-lunch snooze and “friendly” flag football contest in the backyard, Thanksgiving is stuffed with long-standing traditions. And then there’s the day after Thanksgiving— leftovers, battling ridiculously long checkout lines for debatably “good” deals, and… calling a plumber. Yep, calling a plumber is …

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Fall Plumbing

Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

There’s so much to love about fall in Tulsa. At Wooten Plumbing we’re especially fond of the crisp air and colorful trees. Of course, as refreshing and beautiful as those things are, they can create headaches for homeowners—expensive ones. Use our Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist to make sure your home’s ready for those falling temps …

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Sump Pump Installation And Repair Tulsa

Interesting Facts About Sump Pumps

As a homeowner, the first word you associate with sump pumps is likely not “interesting.” You might say they’re “useful” or even “necessary.” But “interesting”? Probably not. As your Tulsa plumber, we find sump pumps to be extremely interesting—mostly because we know they can save you thousands of dollars in completely avoidable, “interesting” problems. What …

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