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LightRay Sewer Repair

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Advanced Sewer Repair Technology For Your Tulsa, OK Home

You've spent years working to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Choosing the right grass, planting the right gardens, trimming the right topiary. Every time you pull into your driveway you feel a swell of pride as you look at your work. That is, until that grim day when you walk inside and your wife says "we've got a sewer leak," and suddenly you imagine a fleet of backhoes and excavators destroying your perfect lawn just to fix a relatively small drip in your sewer lines.

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How much does LightRay sewer repair usually cost?

The cost of LightRay sewer repair varies depending on your location, the degree of damage, and the particular needs of your sewer system. Trenchless sewer repair techniques such as LightRay usually cost between $100 and $250 per linear foot. Costs may also be impacted by other elements including the availability of the sewage line and any required permits. To find out the precise cost of your project, it is advised that you get a specialized assessment from a professional plumber or sewer repair specialist.

But the modern world is full of miracles, and one of them is our advanced LightRay sewer repair technology. With LightRay, we can fix leaks all along your sewer lines, without digging up the first speck of dirt or disturbing a single blade of grass.

Call us today at 918-241-3900 to find out how Lightray LRS can fix your sewer lines without disrupting your home!

How Does LightRay Sewer Repair Work?

Wondering how light can be used to fix a sewer leak? We don't blame you. But it's a simple, straightforward process that involves 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Inspection

Our plumber will conduct a thorough inspection of your sewer lines to determine how many leaks you have and where they are so we can make sure we're taking care of them all.

Step 2: Insertion

Instead of digging up your yard, we use a sewer line access point to insert a liner featuring a UV-sensitive resin throughout your piping. This lining expands to cover every inch of the interior of your pipes.

Step 3: Activation

A UV light inserted with the lining turns on, near-instantly curing the resin into a solid, flexible inner casing that seals all of your leaks and gives you stronger, more durable sewer lines.

What Are The Benefits Of LightRay Sewer Repair?

The biggest benefit is also the most obvious - we don't have to dig up your yard to do the repairs. But that's not the only advantage to LightRay:

  • It's A Faster Job - Excavating your yard for sewer repair can take days - if not weeks. With LightRay, we can do the same repair in a matter of hours.
  • It's More Cost-Effective - Since there's no digging, the equipment or labor costs often associated with traditional sewer repair go away.
  • It's Strong - The LightRay liner, once cured with the UV light, is just as strong and structurally sound as a regular sewer pipe, and even has some flexibility that will help it resist future damage.

Add all this together and it's easy to see why LightRay is the most advanced - and advantageous - sewer repair technology available today.

Unleash The Power Of Ultraviolet Light At Your Home!

If you know you've got a sewer leak, then we know the dread of what's involved to fix it can be overwhelming. But with LightRay, it doesn't have to be. Our highly-trained plumbers can plug your leaks in less time and with less mess. To schedule your LightRay sewer repair, message us online or call 918-241-3900 today!

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