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Garbage Disposal Repair And Installation Tulsa

DIY Garbage Disposal Repair

Easy tips to avoid calling a Tulsa plumber. Of all the plumbing mishaps that can happen in your kitchen, a suddenly uncooperative garbage disposal is one of the worst. Fortunately, even not-so-handy Tulsa-area homeowners can often diagnose garbage disposal breakdowns—and even repair them. Before you call Wooten Plumbing, let’s see if we can help you for …

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6 Signs You May Need Water Heater Repairs

Dealing with these now can save you thousands down the road. Unless you’re an especially on-top-of-things Tulsa-area homeowner, you probably don’t think much about your water heater—until that fateful winter morning when you’re treated to a freezing cold shower. Fortunately, water heaters rarely fail suddenly; typically, they’ll offer up some advanced notice of their coming …

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DIY Winterizing Checklist

How to avoid calling a plumber this weekend. No one loves a plumbing emergency. And while we’re happy to be your Tulsa plumber when you need us, we’d rather help you avoid a disaster to begin with. This McKinney plumber has some great tips to prevent damage this winter. Damage from burst water pipes is …

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Tulsa Plumber Who Cares

When it comes time to finding a Tulsa plumber, you have plenty of options to pick from. You’ve got the big guys who are on all the billboards spending tens-of-thousands of dollars on marketing for plumbers (you know who they are). You’ve got the crazy brother-in-law down the street who owns a plunger. We get …

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